Terasein – Elenath’s Shadow

Terasein is one of the largest cities in the Eastern Empire, and the first and fastest to flourish during the early days of the Empire. However, political machinations transpired that kept much of the cultural, intellectual, and commercial renaissance of the newly forged empire in the capital city of Elenath, and the vibrancy of young Terasein soon began to fall into decay. Laid out similarly to Elenath, and also the closest center of population to the capital, Terasein’s fallen glory was eventually casually referred to as “Elenath’s shadow”. The reputation of decay and hopelessness only heightened as criminal elements systematically began to defy, take over, or even incorporate themselves into the city’s power structure.

Terasein is divided into 5(?) boroughs, including Bedsty and Chitonwa. each borough is responsible for it’s own political upkeep, but each is also heavily influenced – if not outright controlled – by one or more criminal organizations.

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