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Update 6/26/2011: The game will continue! The next session is scheduled for July 3 at 2 pm. Unfortunately, Lauren will be unable to join us for the rest of the summer, but David L. is considering taking her place on a temporary basis. Welcome aboard, David!
For those who are curious, a write-up of the June one-shot game can be found here.

Update 5/30/2011: The game has been on temporary hiatus. There is an “event game” planned for June, and then regular campaign sessions will resume the following week. Thank you for your patience and understanding – I can’t wait to come back to playing with you guys!

Update 4/21/2011: The next game is scheduled for Sunday, April 24 at 4pm. Unfortunately, Jerry will be “retiring” from the game, but his character Autumn will be moving to NPC status and may re-appear in future adventures.

Update 4/9/2011: The next game is scheduled for Sunday, April 10 at 4 pm.

Update 2/23/2011: The next game is scheduled for Sunday, March 6, at 4pm.

Update 2/23/2011: began transferring basic information from old Google Groups site.

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